What a great racket for Republicans!!!

What a great racket for Republicans!!!

Defund the State Department so there is inadequate funding for security at embassies and when unrest hits, Benghazi happens.  Use it to attack President Obama and Hilary Clinton, accusing them of deliberately allowing Americans to die.  Completely ignore their own complicity in simply not allowing funds to be allocated to security.

Defund the IRS to the extent that they are understaffed and then be outraged when they target conservative “social welfare” groups for audit by using computer searches on key words like “Tea Party”.  Heck – I’ve used key word searches in my job when I did not have time to do anything fancier.  Time and an educated staff are required to do things like review records and run statistical analysis, either one of which would have been a better way to select candidates for audit.

Then, add a bunch of out of touch congressional Democrats who are so whipped by the Republican histrionics that they can’t help but roll over and give the Republicans most of what they want….most of the time.  To the absolute befuddlement of every Democrat and Progressive outside of Washington, DC.

Last but not least, the mainstream media, smelling blood in the water, is gleefully allowing the Republicans to get away with these shenanigans.  There is almost no meaningful push back against Republican talking points on Benghazi or the IRS; even on MSNBC. The more salacious the accusation, the more air time they get.  Facts don’t seem to matter – they are just not as titillating as a foaming at the mouth Republican.

So far, the racket seems to be working just fine!

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