I’m a big supporter of the ACA, even though it wasn’t my first choice.  I want single payer but I’m settling for the ACA as a first step in the right direction.  I’ve argued with friends on behalf of the law, been to classes on the details of the law and how to implement it, defended it when naysayers complain that it is expensive, will drive up costs long term, and is too big brotherish.  In short, in my own corner of the world, I’ve stuck my neck out to support this law.

I really needed a smooth rollout for  I didn’t get it.  Sigh.  I didn’t even get a slightly rocky rollout. Double sigh.  I got a disasterous rollout that doesn’t seem to be getting any better.  So now, instead of just defending the law, I have to deal with being ridiculed for supporting a law whose infrastructure does not work.  Gaaah!

It doesn’t matter how great the ACA is if the website doesn’t work!

I’m aggrevated that the folks who showed such mastery over social networking, online fundraising and grass roots organization in the last 2 elections couldn’t build a better website for their signature accomplishment.  The Obama administration knew what statistics counted in the last election -they knew they were going to win by a good bit when everyone else was projecting a close, uncallable race.  So what happened with the website?

I’m aggrevated that once again, I’m supporting President Obama without good follow through from the President and his team.  Left hung out to dry yet again.  Yet still I soldier on because I believe in the possible outcome.

It would be nice if the calvary would show up, though.

So please, guys, fix the dang website!

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