Hobby Lobby Questions

Here is what I want to know:

1.  How can 5 supposedly intelligent legal minds actually write a decision saying that it’s OK if the Hobby Lobby plaintiffs get the science wrong on contraception.  Why is it  enough that Hobby Lobby’s owners believe that the morning after pill and IUD’s cause abortions, even though people with multiple college degrees say otherwise.  Why does belief get to triumph over science?  Ignorance, willful or otherwise, now has the SCOTUS stamp of approval.  Facts no longer matter to the right-wing majority on the Supreme Court.

2.  I haven’t read the decision yet, but the news stories I’ve read  say that this decision was narrow, applying only to closely held corporations and only with regards to birth control.  I get the closely held corporation part – that’s easy to understand when you consider that this is the Citizen’s United crowd.  But why only contraception – a subject guaranteed to get conservative Christians all riled up?  What about businesses owned by Christian Scientists, Muslims, Jehovah’s Witnesses? Why doesn’t this decision give them the right to deny certain healthcare benefits to their employees?  Why is this Supreme Court only interested in allowing employers to restrict female employee’s access to contraception?  Excuse me, but as a woman, I feel picked on!

Could it be they recognize a can of worms when they see it?  Then why this decision?

Can anyone out there enlighten me?

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