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Hobby Lobby Questions

Here is what I want to know: 1.  How can 5 supposedly intelligent legal minds actually write a decision saying that it’s OK if the Hobby Lobby plaintiffs get the science wrong on contraception.  Why is it  enough that Hobby … Continue reading

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So Pope Francis  acknowledged in an interview published last week that the Catholic church needs to end the obsession with abortion, contraception and gays because it’s hurting the overall mission of the church. Good for him! The world is astounded … Continue reading

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No Choice At All

My older sister told me once that if abortion had been legal when my mom got pregnant with me and my 3 younger siblings, we would never have been born because Mom would have aborted us all.  My sister was … Continue reading

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God Not Allowed in Schools?

One of my high school friends posted this picture on Facebook this morning: Really? Since when did God require human permission to be anywhere? Aren’t we taught as Christians that God is within each and every one of us, guiding … Continue reading

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