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Doomed by the Gender Gap

Todd Akin – defeated Richard Mourdock – defeated Joe Walsh – defeated John Koster – defeated Roscoe Bartlett – defeated Rick Berg – defeated Allen West – defeated In case you don’t recognize these names, they all lost congressional races … Continue reading

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This Woman’s Choice

I just don’t understand women who are planning to vote for former Governor Romney because they think his business skills give him an edge over President Obama as far as job creation and the economy are concerned. It’s one thing … Continue reading

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No Choice At All

My older sister told me once that if abortion had been legal when my mom got pregnant with me and my 3 younger siblings, we would never have been born because Mom would have aborted us all.  My sister was … Continue reading

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The Daily Muse on Being Anti Abortion

There are a couple of things that bother me about the anti abortion movement. The first is the often cited statement that the anti abortion folks only care about the pre born.  Once the child is here, they want nothing to do with it.  … Continue reading

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