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Hobby Lobby Questions

Here is what I want to know: 1.  How can 5 supposedly intelligent legal minds actually write a decision saying that it’s OK if the Hobby Lobby plaintiffs get the science wrong on contraception.  Why is it  enough that Hobby … Continue reading

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So Pope Francis  acknowledged in an interview published last week that the Catholic church needs to end the obsession with abortion, contraception and gays because it’s hurting the overall mission of the church. Good for him! The world is astounded … Continue reading

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Doomed by the Gender Gap

Todd Akin – defeated Richard Mourdock – defeated Joe Walsh – defeated John Koster – defeated Roscoe Bartlett – defeated Rick Berg – defeated Allen West – defeated In case you don’t recognize these names, they all lost congressional races … Continue reading

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This Woman’s Choice

I just don’t understand women who are planning to vote for former Governor Romney because they think his business skills give him an edge over President Obama as far as job creation and the economy are concerned. It’s one thing … Continue reading

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No Choice At All

My older sister told me once that if abortion had been legal when my mom got pregnant with me and my 3 younger siblings, we would never have been born because Mom would have aborted us all.  My sister was … Continue reading

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The Problem with Blue-Collar White Guys

The latest polls indicate that President Obama’s worst demographic is white, non college educated men.  Only 29% of this group is likely to vote for him.  I believe it.  Whenever I listen to call in programs on C-span and POTUS,  … Continue reading

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What is Up with Conservative Women?

What is up with Todd Akin?  And Paul Ryan?  And all the other male legislators currently doing their best to eliminate as many reproductive options as possible for women? But even more to the point, what is up with the … Continue reading

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A Question for the Chief Justice

I have been involved by default in the struggle for reproductive rights for women my whole life.  Why?  Because I’m a woman.  I’m someone’s mom and someone else’s wife. Reproductive rights encompass so much more than just access to birth … Continue reading

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Citizens VS Corporations

Whoa.  For once, I actually agree with Republicans on a matter of social policy.  And the earth didn’t move. I’m willing to stipulate that the contraception flap isn’t really about restricting access to contraception; even though that is clearly the … Continue reading

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The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

I came across two articles from the 2/27/12 New York Times that seemed to be quite symbiotic in their subject matter.  “Santorum Makes Case for Religion in the Public Sphere” and “Are People Getting Dumber?”.  I chuckled at the irony.  … Continue reading

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