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Hobby Lobby Questions

Here is what I want to know: 1.  How can 5 supposedly intelligent legal minds actually write a decision saying that it’s OK if the Hobby Lobby plaintiffs get the science wrong on contraception.  Why is it  enough that Hobby … Continue reading

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An Open Note to Congressional Republicans

So, the Republicans are mad.  They did not get their way yesterday.  Their slam-dunk repeal of the Affordable Care Act did not happen.  Rumor has it that Chief Justice Roberts changed his mind late in the game.  I like to … Continue reading

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A Question for the Chief Justice

I have been involved by default in the struggle for reproductive rights for women my whole life.  Why?  Because I’m a woman.  I’m someone’s mom and someone else’s wife. Reproductive rights encompass so much more than just access to birth … Continue reading

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