Way to Go, IRS!

Excellent job justifying the fears of the federal government-phobic right-wing!  Big Brother really is watching you……or at least targeting your favorite Tea Party groups’ 501(c)4 status.  Thank you for making it harder for me and other progressives to advocate for a strong central government while one of the biggest arms of that government  engages in some fiscal harassment against conservative organizations.

And if it’s true that you engaged in the same type of games with progressive groups when President Bush was in office, that’s even better!  Currying favor with the boss is a popular way to get ahead.  Nice to know you take your duty to impartially enforce the tax laws of this country so seriously.

I know you have a duty to make sure that groups requesting 501(c)4 status are not engaging in political activity; and I understand that Citizens United opened the doors for a multitude of new “public interest” groups that happen to advocate for extreme right or left-wing causes while claiming to be apolitical.  Frankly, I’m as suspicious of them as you are.

But please remember that you work for all of us, even those of us who find ourselves in the opposing party once in a while.  Find a way to get your job done without being a bully.


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I work in the financial field. Interested in blogging about current events in politics, news, finance, books, the arts.
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