I can’t take shavasanaat the end of my yoga practice. 

If this were the first time it happened or it were an unusual event for me, it would not warrant a blog post.  But I never take shavasana after practice; at least not for more than 30 seconds or so.  I do a modified star pose with my knees drawn up or I go into child’s pose or a supported forward bend, with my forehead resting on a bunch of pillows.

I don’t think deep relaxation is impossible or difficult for me – I go to sleep in shavasana nearly every night, in bed.  It seems appropriate at the end of the day, when my last waking thought is about ending the current day – it’s a time of closure and review; acceptance and sometimes revelation. I have solved many problems while in shavasana, right before I fall asleep.

But in the morning, when I normally practice yoga, I have a whole day ahead of me that is usually full and I have a limited time to practice, if I want to leave my house on time.  Unfortunately, I am expected elsewhere Monday through Friday at 8 AM! I can’t be too relaxed or I wouldn’t make it out the door.

So I’m wondering if a delayed shavasana is as effective and beneficial as a shavasana done immediately after practice?

Are there any other shavasana-challenged yoga practitioners out there?

And for those of you who love ending your practice with shavasana, what do you love most about it? Maybe there is something I can learn from you.

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